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There are countless professional photographers who create wonderful, inspiring images. This page features a small selection of many whose work I enjoy. I encourage you to visit the linked sites and see their art. Other photographers will be featured in the future revisions to this page.

John Fielder's Colorado

John Fielder is known as the premier photographer for Colorado. His extensive body of work covers all of Colorado's regions in all seasons. 

David Muench Photography

David Muench comes from a family of great photographers. He, his father Josef, and his son Marc, are known for their excellent work with American and international landscapes, and other subjects.

Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is a Canadian photographer who does wonderful work with nature and wildlife. His articles for National Geographic are especially noteworthy.

Craig Manwaring

If the name seems familiar, it is because Craig is my brother. Now mostly retired, Craig, the owner of Manwaring Photography, has been a professional photographer for decades. While most of his work has been in the area of weddings and portraits, he never lost his love for landscape and nature photography. His primary areas of activity have been in the Pacific Northwest and Southern Utah.